AMAC: Open Border and Sanctuary States? ‘There Is No Greater Threat to Public Safety’

IRLI In The News

November 8, 2022

By John Grimaldi

At a time when Americans are struggling to make ends meet, illegal migrants holed up in so-called Sanctuary States are getting paid off with our tax dollars. They are receiving millions of unemployment dollars despite the fact that illegals are not eligible for unemployment benefits, according to the Immigration Reform Law Institute [IRLI]. The IRLI says that New York State, Colorado, and Washington DC have, thus far, given migrants more than $2.7 million.

“If, for example, New York revamped their program and made it permanent; the D.C. City Council enlarged its fund; and California successfully implemented its own proposal, American taxpayers would be faced with an utterly staggering price tag of roughly $4,350,000,000 every year,” says the Institute.

Read the full story at AMAC.

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