Biden’s Border Agenda Has Now Reached Peak Derangement


November 4, 2021

By Brian Lonergan

Those who supported the ascension of Joe Biden to the White House could be forgiven for acting out of weariness and naiveté. They were tired of the political bloodsport from the previous four years and were promised a return to normalcy and competence. On the border issue alone, however, this administration has created buyers’ remorse on a grand scale as it implements hard-left radical policies that are permanently changing the country for the worse.

The most recent initiative to derail American exceptionalism was the move to terminate the Trump-era Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which includes the “Remain in Mexico” policy. In a memo announcing his intent to terminate the program, Homeland Security (DHS) Director Alejandro Mayorkas said among the verbiage in his four-page document that “I recognize that MPP likely contributed to reduced migratory flows.”

Talk about burying the lead!

For any other DHS secretary, reducing migratory flows and the utter chaos like what took place recently with Haitian migrants under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, would be a good thing. It would maintain stability in our country and deter others from making the perilous journey.

In Bidenworld, Mayorkas was appointed to his position specifically because establishing border security is not on his radar. He operates more like the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, not the individual responsible for the federal agency in charge of protecting the homeland of the U.S. His tattered credibility continues to sink with his bizarre dedication to repeating the lie that “the border is closed,” when all visual and statistical evidence points to the opposite conclusion. Will Biden fire him for gross incompetence? Of course not, because Mayorkas is doing exactly what he was put in place to do.

These policies are not compassionate. They are part of a deranged agenda meant to slowly erode this nation’s resources by importing much of the world’s poverty problem.

If Biden’s purported compassion for the world’s huddled masses was applied unconditionally, he could at least be credited with consistency. Alas, his Albert Schweitzer shtick ends when his party’s political interests are not served. It is the only explanation when his “save the children” talk towards Central America is contrasted with Mayorkas slamming the door shut on oppressed Cubans.

The difference? Refugees from the Northern Triangle are considered more likely to vote with Democrats. Cubans have been living under the boot of a hardline communist dictatorship for generations and are wise to the progressive lure of cradle-to-grave benefits. Sorry Cubans, the lofty rhetoric about saving the impoverished and persecuted children of the world does not apply to you.  

Partisan politics aside, the unvarnished truth is that the Remain in Mexico policy worked. It served as a forceful deterrent to illegal entry, and almost certainly saved the lives of untold migrants who chose not to make a journey where sexual assault, death and extortion from savage human trafficking cartels is common.

America may yet be saved by the last remnants of checks and balances on executive power. A federal court blocked the administration from ending Remain in Mexico, and the Supreme Court also denied a stay, leaving the lower court’s order in place during the appeal process. Like so many federal policies today, this one will likely make a further slog through the courts before change happens.  

Biden’s bait-and-switch with the American people continued when it was reported that White House officials are considering payments of up to $450,000 to illegal aliens separated from family members during the Trump administration. On its face, the idea sounds like an absurd parody news site story. While Biden and his “immigration czar” Kamala Harris give a boilerplate warning to would-be asylum seekers not to come, they create perhaps the biggest incentive ever for the rest of the world to enter our country illegally. This while American citizens are struggling to survive through COVID, inflation, unemployment and numerous other hardships either created or mismanaged by this administration.

These instances of contempt for the American people and dereliction of duty are not outliers for this administration, they are the norm. Biden’s abandonment of the border can also be seen in his effort to dismantle the border wall. So intent is Biden to undo any Trump accomplishment that he was paying federal contractors not to build sections of the wall already paid for and authorized by the government. As Biden and his deputies harangue American citizens that any opposition to their border policies is evidence of latent xenophobia, vast fields of unused wall sections worth $5,000 apiece rust away in the Texas sun. 

These policies are not compassionate. They are part of a deranged agenda meant to slowly erode this nation’s resources by importing much of the world’s poverty problem, and in the process endowing one party with a permanent underclass that will give it a lock on power for generations. There is still time to push back, but time is running short. Those who don’t want this future for their country will be required to see through the political doublespeak and the corrupt corporate media to demand better.      

Brian Lonergan is director of communications at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.

Also published at: Brian Lonergan, Biden’s Border Agenda Has Now Reached Peak DerangementAmerican Greatness, November 4, 2021.

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