Biden’s release of 16,000 COVID-infected illegals into U.S. shows his hypocrisy on public health


October 31, 2021

By William J. Davis

As Joe Biden threatens to destroy the lives of Americans who don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, his administration has been caught releasing thousands of COVID-positive migrants into the U.S.

The Biden administration, through Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has reportedly released over 16,000  COVID-positive migrants into the U.S. since taking office in January. Roughly 12,000 of the infected migrants released into the U.S. were between the ages of 18 and 40, and a whopping 11,800 of those were men. The report added that none of the migrants were offered or forced to get a COVID-19 vaccine. This follows an August report from former Customs and Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan that the Biden administration had released at least 40,000 COVID-positive migrants in the U.S., with Morgan calling his estimate “conservative.”

This is despite the fact that the Biden administration is preparing to release a rule ordering all employers with over 100 people on staff to either force their employees to get vaccinated, or test once a week. Biden has also mandated the vaccine for all federal employees, under threat of firing if they don’t comply. This includes members of the military, many of whom may soon be dishonorably discharged over their decision to not get vaccinated.

Regardless of whether or not you support the COVID-19 vaccine, or vaccine mandates generally, it is quite jarring to see Biden force Americans to comply with heavy-handed edicts while he encourages waves of illegal immigrants to enter the country with no vaccine requirements.

To add insult to injury, the Biden administration is requiring foreign nationals who legally enter the country to show proof of vaccination and proof of a negative test when it reopens international travel in November.

So individuals traveling to the U.S. from other countries to visit family members they haven’t seen in nearly two years will have to jump through several COVID-related hoops, but illegal immigrants from low-vaccinated, disease-ridden nations are able to come through the border with no strings attached. How does this make any sense in the context of public health? The answer is: it doesn’t, and it’s not supposed to.

Almost all of Biden’s actions on immigration since taking office have run contrary to basic common sense when it comes to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. For starters, the Biden administration has allowed roughly 1.7 million people to cross the border amidst the pandemic, setting an all-time yearly record .The Biden White House has also repeatedly tried to end the remain-in-Mexico policy, a landmark accomplishment of the Trump administration, which dramatically reduced traffic on the U.S.-Mexico border. Now, the Biden administration could be poised to repeal Title 42, a public health order, which allows the U.S. to turn away migrants due to the ongoing pandemic.

Biden has already significantly watered down the Trump-era policy, but has come under increasing pressure from activists in recent months to end the policy altogether. Earlier this month, an anti-borders activist resigned from the administration in protest over the continued use of Title 42. Shortly after, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, in a nod to the activist class, repudiated Title 42, suggesting that his hands were tied by the CDC.

“The Title 42 authority is a public health authority. And it is not an immigration policy. It is not an immigration policy that we in this administration would embrace,” Mayorkas said.

Given the messaging shift, it’s not unreasonable to believe that one of the few remaining sane immigration policies the Biden administration has left on the books, could soon be on the chopping block. Ending Title 42 would remove even the veneer of responsible public health policy on the border just as the “mother of all caravans” prepares to invade the U.S.-Mexico border. While Biden enforces strict COVID rules on American citizens, activists and organizers are planning to bring thousands of migrants across the border, many of whom will surely be released without a Covid test or vaccine.

Regardless of one’s feelings on public health restrictions, it is clear that Joe Biden and his administration have not applied them equally. While other governments with strict restrictions have sealed their borders closed, Biden has flung America’s wide open. This is because Joe Biden apparently does not care about public health, certainly not if it interferes with his administration’s goal to import as many potential future Democratic voters as possible.

William J. Davis is a communications associate for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.

Also published at: William J. Davis, Biden’s release of 16,000 COVID-infected illegals into U.S. shows his hypocrisy on public healthAmerican Thinker, October 31, 2021.

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