Breitbart: Ex-Google Chief Uses ‘Top- ier’ Immigration Claim to Stiff U.S. College Graduates

IRLI In The News

June 26, 2020

By Neil Munro

U.S. tech companies need to import “top tier talent” so they can beat China’s aggressive companies, says a bait-and-switch message from ex-Google chief Eric Schmidt to the White House.

“The ability to attract and retain top-tier talent from around the world is the backbone of a trifecta where the best talent comes to the U.S., to work at the best institutions on the most cutting-edge intellectual property,” Schmidt said an op-ed for Barron’s magazine. “Our nation’s own National Security Strategy says it best: ‘The United States must continue to attract the innovative and the inventive, the brilliant and the bold.’” Read the full story at Breitbart.

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