Breitbart: Immigration Reformers: Three Big Reasons to Oppose DACA Re-Amnesty

IRLI In The News

September 7, 2017

By Neil Munro

A quick no-strings amnesty for younger illegal immigrants would invite more illegals, disadvantage Americans, cripple the GOP and wound President Donald Trump, say immigration reformers.

Amnesty Without Reform Means More Illegals

Sen. Tom Cotton told CBS that any extension of the DACA amnesty would encourage another wave of illegal immigrants, and also benefit the illegal-immigrant parents who brought their young children across the border. He said:

It is going to open up a whole new category of people who could get legal status, namely their parents who violated the law by bringing them here, and it’s going to encourage other people to bring their children across the border in the future, which is a very dangerous thing to do … You really can’t dispute, just as a logical matter if we give legal status to these people in their 20s and 30s, that it is going to encourage more illegal immigration and it wil open up legal status for the very people that violated the law … we should have an open, common sense discussion about that.” … Read the full story by Neil Munro.

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