Conservative Review: Political Silence as US Takes in Record Number of Muslim Immigrants

IRLI In The News

October 7, 2016

By Daniel Horowitz

Only in America could our political class be so obtuse and so intransigent in their failed policies that they would rapidly increase Muslim immigration at a time when Islam is going through so much turmoil.

For the past year, the media has focused the contours of the Muslim immigration debate on the straw man question of completely banning Muslims from our shore. It’s akin to their focus on rape in the abortion debate, rather than abortion on demand, including partial-birth abortion and harvesting of baby organs with taxpayer funds.

The same thing applies to the immigration debate. While the Left seeks to focus attention on a complete ban, as if it is conservatives are trying to do something out of the ordinary, they are obfuscating the reality that Muslim immigration is the fastest growing segment of our annual intake. As I describe in detail in chapter seven of Stolen Sovereignty, mass migration from non-European countries with such different cultures is something we’ve never done even during the most open periods of immigration. Is it too much to ask that we don’t step on the accelerator of the very antecedent to homegrown terror? … Read the full story by Daniel Horowitz.

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