Courthouse News Service: Immigration Called Environmentally Ruinous

IRLI In The News

October 21, 2016

By Bianca Bruno

SAN DIEGO (CN) — Arizona conservation districts and others sued the Department of Homeland Security this week, claiming it is allowing immigrants to degrade the U.S. environment.

Joined by three “population stabilization” groups and the New Mexico Cattlegrowers’ Association, the groups claim in their Oct. 17 lawsuit that Homeland Security “has turned a blind eye” to immigration’s impact on the environment, by allowing foreign nationals to enter and settle in the United States.

Lead plaintiff Whitewater Draw Natural Resource Conservation District et al. say the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires that DHS analyze the environmental impacts of immigration pursuant, but it has performed no such review.

An environmental study would ensure that “decisions affecting the human environment are made with eyes wide open and in full view of the public” so the public can understand the impact of government actions on “natural resources that we all depend on,” the groups say in the 86-page lawsuit. … Read the full story by Bianca Bruno.

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