IRLI’s programs go far beyond litigation. Providing expert immigration-related legal advice, training, and resources to public officials, the legal community, and the general public, is perhaps one of IRLI’s most important contributions to the true immigration reform movement. Through law review articles, legal issue briefs, books, and speaking engagements, IRLI’s attorneys contribute to the development of a doctrinal framework upon which the legal community and the judiciary may rely when interpreting and formulating immigration laws. 

IRLI’s legal team further routinely participates in academic symposia and testify before legislative bodies as experts on immigration reform, and its spokespersons are interviewed regularly by national and local television, radio and print media outlets. IRLI also frequently contributes op-eds appearing in national publications such as Law360, The Hill, Fox News, National Review, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, Conservative Review, breaking down complicated immigration concepts and key issues for all to understand.

In addition to IRLI’s practicing attorneys, its retired immigration judge board members often provide special insight and in-depth legal analyses of today’s most critical immigration issues through regularly published articles in national media outlets and through the “Views from the Bench” section of IRLI’s website. This wealth of educational materials and assistance provided by the entire IRLI team have enabled immigration patriots to add real teeth to their efforts to take on powerful special interests that demand open borders regardless of social and fiscal costs and other harmful consequences.

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