Importing Gaza Refugees Would Be Biggest Immigration Betrayal Yet


May 14, 2024

By William Davis

As war rages in the Middle East, another refugee crisis is brewing, and U.S. leaders may once again force Americans to pick up the tab.

The Israel-Hamas war has decimated Gaza, and will likely force many of its citizens to seek refuge in other countries. The Biden Administration has recently suggested that the U.S. may be willing to take some of these potential refugees in. Late last month, CBS News obtained internal documents showing the administration is considering importing Palestinian refugees into the country. The White House later released a statement which seemed to confirm they are considering bringing Gaza residents to the U.S. The federal government has made many disastrous moves in recent years when it comes to immigration policy, but importing those fleeing from Gaza would be their most reckless action yet.

When considering whether to import members of a specific population, you have to first consider the broader viewpoints and values of that population, and whether or not they are compatible with assimilation into a modern western democracy. In the case of the Palestinians, the results are not pretty. A poll taken last December found that more than 70 percent of Palestinians supported the terrorist attacks against Israel that took place last October, which resulted in the slaughter of more than 1,200 innocent people, and the hostage-taking of hundreds more.

According to data collected shortly after the attacks last year, 89 percent of Palestinians support the Al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. According to that same data, 84 percent of Palestinians support Islamic Jihad, while zero—yes zero—percent of Palestinians hold a favorable view of the U.S. This means that by importing foreign nationals from Gaza, the Biden Administration would be guaranteeing that the people they’re bringing into this country hate America. Even for this administration, it’s hard to imagine such a dangerous idea being implemented, but it is gaining steam in influential circles.

New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman—a leading voice of left-wing rhetoric—recently urged the administration to take in Gaza refugees.

If even neighboring countries with similar cultural values are balking at taking in Palestinian refugees, the response from America and other Western nations should be a hard pass.

“We are a land of migrants, and we are a land of asylum seekers — anyone escaping persecution and oppression and violence — the United States has always been an open home to those people,” Bowman said.

These comments are revealing because they cut straight to the heart of anti-borders ideology. To the congressman and other like-thinking ideologues, America is not a real country with real citizens who have real needs, but an “open home” for anyone who wants to come here. To these people, America’s sovereignty and security are merely disposal items on the road to a borderless, utopian society, but this is not how things work in the real world. If anti-borders advocates are successful in importing Palestinians to the U.S., they will be playing Russian roulette with American lives.

Experts on border security have been warning that the federal government’s destructive immigration policies have left the U.S. vulnerable to another September 11th-style attack. Bringing in foreign nationals from Gaza would greatly increase the chances of these harrowing predictions becoming reality. The loss of life that has resulted from this ongoing war is tragic, but if any country has a responsibility to take in displaced Palestinians, it is not the U.S., or Europe for that matter. Such responsibility should go to neighboring countries, particularly Jordan and Egypt. Yet, these countries have refused to take in Gaza refugees for a variety of reasons, including the obvious one that importing a radicalized population would be destabilizing for their countries and their citizens. If even neighboring countries with similar cultural values are balking at taking in Palestinian refugees, the response from America and other Western nations should be a hard pass.

It should not be controversial to say that the number of refugees the U.S. should take in from a nation where the U.S. has a zero percent approval rating is zero. A system of mass immigration always carries the risk that a country will bring in people who wish it harm, but if the U.S. agrees to take in Palestinian refugees, it will be knowingly importing people who hate our country and would like to see harm done to us. Elected officials who wish to take such a gamble with U.S. national security for ideological reasons are betraying their oath to protect and defend the nation they serve. Palestinian refugees are simply a risk that America can’t afford to take.

William J. Davis is a communications associate for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.

Also published at American Liberty News, May 14, 2024.

Photo credit: Jos van Zetten from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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