International Business Times: Tough Arizona-Style Immigration Laws Pose New Issues for High Court

IRLI In The News

December 8, 2011

By Dan Rivoli

The U.S. Supreme Court will meet later this week to decide whether to hear Arizona’s case with the Department of Justice over its stringent anti-immigration law. Gov. Jan Brewer petitioned the high court in August to take its case in an effort to get an early injunction blocking the law’s more onerous provisions overturned. Several years ago, states never attempted to pass such tough immigration laws.

“They need test cases,” Winograd said, referring to Kris Kobach and IRLI. “It’s all about finding experimental litigation to get this issue to the Supreme Court. Mike Hethmon, general counsel at IRLI– a clearing house for states and localities seeking advice on anti-immigration laws–agrees. … Read the full story by Dan Rivoli.

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