IRLI Counsel Testifies before Senate about the Effects Cheap Labor Programs have on American Labor

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February 25, 2016

Shining a Light on Anti-American Job Discrimination

February 25, 2016

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, IRLI Of Counsel John Miano testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the effects “skilled” guestworker programs have had on American tech workers and tech graduates. In his testimony, Mr. Miano described recent examples of American workers that have lost their jobs only to be replaced by H-1B foreign guestworkers. He also described the H-1B program as intentionally confusing and convoluted. He carefully outlined these concerns as well as potential options for Congress in making pro-American worker reforms.

IRLI and John Miano are currently litigating two cases in federal court that challenge anti-American guestworker programs created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Washington Alliance of Technology Workers v. DHS (Civil Action No. 15-5239) (“Washtech”) and Save Jobs USA v. DHS (15-cv-00615). Washtech is challenging as unlawful DHS’s practice of allowing nonstudent foreign labor to work on student visas and Save Jobs USA is challenging as unlawful new DHS regulations that allow spouses of H-1B-visa-holders to work in clear violation of American worker protections in statute. Both cases have major implications for the Obama Administration’s ability to kowtow to the trillion-dollar tech industry as well as its ability to simply hand out work permits to whomever it wants.

Dale L. Wilcox, ILRI’s Executive Director, commented, “Since 1991, cheap labor programs written and designed by lobbyists have acted like a weight on the wages and jobs of American workers.” Wilcox continued, “We hope that Congress takes the matter in hand and rectifies this injustice to the American worker. In the meantime, IRLI will press on representing American labor in the courts, holding this Administration to the rule of law.”

Video of the hearing and Mr. Miano’s written testimony can be found here.

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