IRLI Praises President Trump’s Speech Before Congress

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March 1, 2017

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) praises last night’s speech by President Trump before the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. While some members of Congress showed their endorsement for race-based immigration politics as usual by bringing members of the ethnic-lobby to last night’s speech, the President chose to do the opposite. He provided a subtle endorsement for Senator Tom Cotton’s RAISE Act, a bill endorsed by IRLI’s parent organization, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which would dramatically curb green cards allocated to people simply because of their family-ties, not their merit. No president since this unfair and unequal system was put in place in 1965 has ever raised this issue, let alone so fulsomely condemned it. President Trump is giving the American people something they rarely see: leadership.

The President also promised to protect our workers from the disastrous effects of our current immigration system, which seems to ramp up its wage-crushing effects every time its “reformed” by Congress. America finally has the president it wants: one who’ll put the national interest ahead of the corporate interest.

Finally, the President addressed border security, a promise made but never fulfilled to the American people by previous administrations. Building more border-fencing will not only make illegal border-crossing more expensive for would-be illegal aliens, it would also greatly impinge the profits of the multi-billion-dollar drug cartels. Keeping our southern border porous earns them billions in drug-trafficking and alien-smuggling money every single year. Finally, we have a president who will do something about it.

IRLI’s Executive Director, Dale L. Wilcox, commented: “For decades, our immigration system has been a de facto ethnic test, one that’s largely subsisted because of the lobbying efforts of ethnic special interests and the foundations and corporations that serve them.” Wilcox continued, “By calling for a merit-based system, one like Canada’s, Australia’s and most other nations of the world, the President called for America’s immigration system to be modernized and serve the needs of the American people. America’s tired of its immigration exceptionalism.”

Wilcox further commented, “This is a president who understands how supply and demand works. When labor markets are finally able to function properly, wages and living standards will skyrocket in this country. The American people want no more immigration subsidies for Big Business. President Trump’s immigration plan is the best jobs program America could ever hope for.”

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