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October 8, 2017

Enhancing public safety through enforcing our immigration laws

WASHINGTON – Today, the Trump administration announced a comprehensive plan to achieve its immigration policy goals by enhancing border security, bolstering enforcement of immigration laws and ending chain migration.

Border Security

The summary (attached here) includes plans to construct a wall on the southern border, as promised by candidate Trump on the campaign trail, and close the loopholes that have enabled illegal immigration and contributed to a backlog of cases in our legal system.

Despite the fact that Congress in 2006 passed legislation to fund a double-layer wall on the southern border, the wall has yet to be constructed. Building the wall would be a meaningful symbol of America’s resolve to maintain its sovereignty and control the flow of immigrants into the country.

Interior Enforcement

The administration plans to enhance national security by empowering states and localities to enforce federal immigration law. Because of illegal immigration’s adverse effect on employment for citizens, the plan seeks to strengthen laws that promote the hiring of American workers by requiring employers to use the E-Verify system.

Other priorities include putting an end to “catch-and-release” and combating visa fraud by expanding the State Department’s authority.

Merit-Based Immigration System

Another objective of the plan is replace chain migration policies with a merit-based immigration system. Such a system would place a greater emphasis on the skills immigrants would bring to our country, helping our economy and reducing the numbers of people requiring public assistance in the process.

The plan would maintain America’s status as a haven for refugees, while bringing the number of refugees to a level that is consistent with the best interests of the country.

“These concepts, if implemented, would represent an enormous victory for America and its citizens,” said Dale L. Wilcox, IRLI’s Executive Director. “The administration’s principle to uphold the rule of law is conducive to a safer, more prosperous America and demonstrates a commitment to put the interests of American workers first.”

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