IRLI’s Statement on the Election of Donald J. Trump as President

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November 9, 2016

Constitutional Order to be Restored

The election of Donald J. Trump by the American people is a victory for the nation and for pro-sovereignty activists all over the world. President-elect Trump has shown the media elites and the political consultant class of this country that a commitment to immigration-control and to the dignity of America’s working people is indeed a winning electoral strategy. IRLI will work with President Trump to implement that strategy and advise his winning team on judicial and agency appointments.

Following the momentum of Trump’s patriotic victory, IRLI’s advocacy work has become more important than ever. We worked closely with the Texas Attorney General’s office in their winning fight against President Obama mass unilateral amnesty. We also successfully vacated President Obama’s expansion of the unlawful Optional Practical Training program, a scheme concocted by the trillion-dollar technology industry to push out American tech workers and replace them with cheap, alien imports. Our growing organization will work harder than ever to keep out the kind of globalist, anti-borders agenda propagated by the cheap-labor lobby and the anti-borders advocacy groups they help fund.

Dale L. Wilcox, IRLI’s Executive Director, commented, “Today all Americans should celebrate that constitutional order will be restored.” Wilcox continued, “IRLI stands ready to assist the Trump Administration in its transition efforts to ensure competent individuals who will put America’s interests first are placed in positions of authority in government.”

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