IRLI’s Statement on the Nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

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November 18, 2016

Constitutional Order to be Restored

(Washington, D.C.) – President-Elect Donald Trump’s appointment of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General is a victory for the nation. No one on Capitol Hill has shown greater commitment to immigration-control, the rule of law, and to the working people of this country than Senator Sessions. His deep legal background and devotion to the nation makes him the perfect choice for the important role.

IRLI’s worked closely with the Senator’s office in the area of patriotic immigration reform for many years. The skillfulness of his advocacy and his strength of will in the face of anti-borders interests deserves the utmost respect from patriotic Americans everywhere. The good senator is universally respected across Party lines, where he has served the American people for two decades. Returning to the agency where he previously served for 15 years will be a big win for the nation.

IRLI’s Executive Director, Dale L. Wilcox, commented, “We’re very excited the Trump Administration has chosen Senator Sessions as the top lawyer of the land.” Wilcox continued, “The Holder and Lynch DOJ has been an absolute disaster for immigration enforcement in this country, everything from avoiding the deadly problems caused by sanctuary jurisdictions to attacking state governments that simply wish to protect their citizens from the corrosive effects of illegal immigration. We look forward to seeing the senator put the law-and-order mandate of the Justice Department back on track.”

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