Liberty Nation News – This Week in Open Borders America: No Borders Better for Health

IRLI In The News

February 16, 2024

By Kelli Ballard

Open borders are better for migrants’ health, or at least that’s what first year students at University of California, Los Angeles medical school are reportedly learning. Do No Harm, a group that protects “healthcare from the consequences of identity politics,” according to its website, claim students were assigned reading material advocating for the abolition of borders.

Fox News reported that one of the scholarly papers, titled “Beyond border health: Infrastructural violence and the health of border abolition,” calls for a “no borders system that privileges liberatory solidarity with migrants.” The news outlet stated, “The authors blame health disparities among migrants on border enforcement and call for abolition of borders as a ‘medical intervention’ to solve this problem.”

Read the full story at Liberty Nation News.

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