Year after year, battalions of immigration lawyers are using the court system to successfully attack the enforcement of legal limits on immigration. Compounding this crisis, not only have recent presidential administrations sought to proactively dismantle our immigration laws, but they have stood idly by while state and local governments institute dangerous sanctuary policies that thwart the rule of law.

The American people understand that our immigration laws are meaningless unless they are implemented as written by Congress. The result is a great need in all regions of the U.S. for a public interest litigator who stands with Americans injured by mass migration and the failure to enforce existing laws.

That’s where IRLI comes in! IRLI has a proud history of helping individual Americans and their local communities combat the harms posed by mass migration to the United States. Since the 1980s, IRLI has led the charge in a wide range of groundbreaking, national lawsuits on behalf of the American worker, taxpayer, and those most vulnerable in our communities. IRLI has linked arms with affected local communities, states, and public officials in defending against attacks by greedy corporate interests, lawless government officials, and open-borders lobbyists on pro-enforcement state and local laws and policies.

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