Team Biden’s Contempt for the American People


September 1, 2021

By Brian Lonergan

Throughout the tragicomedy that has been the first year of the Biden Administration, there has been no shortage of reasons for outrage. Those reasons stem from a broad array of issues—the border, Afghanistan, energy policy, and inflation, to name a few—but there is a common denominator to all of them. It is this administration’s thinly-veiled contempt for the American people, the very people it swore to represent and protect. A clear example of this can be found in the current refugee policy.

It should be noted that the American people are incredibly fair and generous, maybe the fairest and most generous people on the planet. We regularly step up to help others in need around the world, no matter their race, religion or affiliation. What we cannot abide is a double standard of treatment for one group over another, yet the Biden Administration seems to be giving us the short end of a double standard on a routine basis.

When our government told us that COVID-19 was a once-in-a-generation pandemic, we wanted to do our part to help. We endured mask mandates, worked from home, and kept our children away from their schools. We were told it was of the utmost importance for everyone to be vaccinated, and we largely complied.   

As our nation seemed to be turning the corner on COVID, the incoming Biden Administration inexplicably decided to go full-speed on bringing more foreign nationals into the country. When the wisdom of this decision was questioned, those on the Left insulted us further by suggesting that incoming migrants are somehow more American than we.

On the House floor earlier this year, Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to DACA children as “the true and legitimate heirs” of our founding fathers. The obvious inference is that we, the actual tax-paying citizens of America, are the false and illegitimate heirs.

Then we saw what was happening as a result of Biden’s utter incompetence on our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of Afghans are being flown into the United States, to ultimately be settled in American communities without the consent of any residents of those communities.

Photos of the airlift revealed hundreds of Afghans crammed into military transport planes, and none of them wearing masks. Back home in America, citizens are arrested by police for refusing to wear masks on domestic commercial flights. Most of those Afghans will end up in the United States. Why are they allowed to fly in the close quarters of an airplane without a mask but American citizens are not?

It gets worse. White House officials have stated that, while arriving Afghans will be tested for COVID-19, they will be “offered’ vaccinations but “they are not mandatory.” Our government has told us that we have a duty and obligation as American citizens to get vaccinated. According to the World Health Organization, Afghanistan has over 150,000 COVID-19 cases, and barely three percent of its population has been vaccinated. Aside from the faulty logic of bringing large numbers of people from a country with those COVID statistics into the U.S., why is vaccination for Afghans only offered and not a requirement for entry?

The report is no better at our southern border, another stable situation that Biden inherited and has proceeded to turn into a disaster zone. There we see growing numbers of Border Patrol agents testing positive for COVID-19 from processing migrants. The surge of people north has led to COVID outbreaks in border towns. But while migrants are being tested for the virus, vaccinations are also “offered” but not mandatory. 

The COVID double standard is pervasive throughout this administration’s policies. Earlier this year, Democrats in Congress blocked a bill that would have required illegal aliens to test negative for COVID before being released into the United States. Border states have been forced to file lawsuits against this White House to seek redress for the costly and dangerous consequences that have come with allowing large numbers of infected aliens into their states. At every turn, this administration has sought policies that bring more COVID risk into the country, while chiding American citizens for their lack of compliance with what many people see as draconian policies.

Not only does this administration treat us worse than it does foreign nationals, it also doesn’t feel the need to give us any explanation for the double standard. The American people have more common sense than we are ever given credit for by our politicians. If a policy makes sense and is applied fairly to all people, most people will go along with it even if it is difficult. When certain groups are exempted from the policy for no good reason, we deserve answers from those in office.

Don’t expect the courtesy of an explanation from this administration, however, as none is likely coming. Why show courtesy to people you hold in contempt? It is past time for Americans to demand respect and fair treatment from those we allow to govern us.

Brian Lonergan is director of communications at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.

Also published at: Brian Lonergan, Team Biden’s Contempt for the American People, American Greatness, August 31, 2021.

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