The Border Crisis Worsens Despite White House Narrative


July 7, 2023

By William Davis

Despite White House posturing to the contrary, Joe Biden‘s self-inflicted crisis at the U.S. southern border is continuing unabated, and the American people continue to pay a steep price.

U.S. citizens are continuing to suffer as their sovereignty is degraded and their social services are strained by the influx of millions of illegal aliens into the country over the past few years. While anti-border activists and politicians frequently claim that mass immigration enriches the U.S., this claim has been empirically disproven by the events of recent years.

Since Joe Biden took office, the illegal alien population in the U.S. has increased roughly 16 percent, according to a recent study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform. This has upended the U.S. politically, culturally and economically, and the situation is only getting worse. Still, the White House insists that there is nothing to see here.

Biden administration officials have steadfastly refused to acknowledge the ongoing crisis at the southern border and have engaged in dishonest shell games in an attempt to hide the extent of the crisis from the public. The repurposing of the Customs and Border Protection app earlier this year has allowed the administration to claim that illegal crossings are declining while making it easier for aliens to file illegitimate asylum claims.

The American people should not be fooled. The Biden administration has never once demonstrated a desire to secure the border or reign in the nation’s out-of-control asylum system. Instead, all its efforts in this area have been designed to mislead the country, provide political cover for an increasingly unpopular White House, and import unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens into the country.

The most public impact of Biden’s border crisis can be seen in America’s biggest cities. New York City is expected to spend billions of dollars in the coming years providing housing and other essential services to illegal aliens, despite a large homeless population continuing to languish in the Big Apple. With shelters and hotels overcrowded, the city has made plans to house illegal aliens in school gyms, infuriating parents who are understandably concerned about the impact this could have on their children’s safety.

Instead of doing what is necessary to protect the people they were elected to serve, the White House has engaged in dishonest schemes to deflect and distract from the extent of the crisis.

A similar revolt is underway in Chicago, as new Mayor Brandon Johnson seeks tens of millions in taxpayer funds to house illegal aliens. Johnson’s plan to increase social services for illegal aliens led to protests from many of the city’s residents, who rightly fear that the arrival of thousands of illegal aliens will make these services harder to obtain for them while also diluting their political power.

These cities have spent years courting illegal aliens by promising sanctuary to those who violate our laws. Leaders in these cities have also claimed that influxes of new aliens would make America safer and more prosperous and are now facing serious pushback from their constituents as their unsustainable policies collide with reality.

Of course, the issues facing these cities pale in comparison to what Americans in border towns have been forced to endure. For the past two years, border towns in Texas have seen thousands of illegal aliens enter their communities on a daily basis. Families in these towns have been forced to watch as illegal aliens wander through their backyard, in some cases leading to property destruction for local ranchers and farmers. The surge of deadly fentanyl across the southern border has also continued unabated, claiming the lives of tens of thousands of mostly young people on an annual basis.

This death and destruction is almost entirely preventable if we had an administration with the will to act. The current administration has blamed Congress for these disasters, claiming new laws are needed to prevent them, but this is another dishonest tactic. The laws necessary to secure the border and protect the American people are already on the books. What the American public needs more than any new potential laws is leadership willing to enforce existing laws to keep them safe.

As the border crisis continues to touch every facet of American life, the Biden Administration has endeavored to hide this reality from the public. Instead of doing what is necessary to protect the people they were elected to serve, the White House has engaged in dishonest schemes to deflect and distract from the extent of the crisis. But they cannot hide the reality that the disaster at the southern border is only getting worse.

William J. Davis is a communications associate for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.

Also published at American Liberty News, July 7, 2023.

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