The Center Square – National security analyst: D.C. officials blaming border states for ’emergency’ is ‘ultimate hypocrisy’

IRLI In The News

September 9, 2022

By Bethany Blankley

A Washington, D.C., councilwoman who blamed the governors of Texas and Arizona for turning the U.S. capital into a “border town” wrote the city’s sanctuary city policy instructing officials not to comply with federal immigration law.

On Thursday as Washington, D.C. officials declared a public emergency after nearly 10,000 people have been bused from the southern border to the U.S. capital, councilwoman Brianne Nadeau blamed the governors of Texas and Arizona, saying they “created this crisis.”

Read the full story at The Center Square. Also published at The Washington Examiner, Independent Jounral Review, The Western Journal, and The Messenger.

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