The Daily Caller: EXCLUSIVE: FBI Removed SPLC, ADL From Resources Pages Over ‘Number Of Concerns’

IRLI In The News

February 3, 2017

By Jonah Bennett

New information indicates the FBI removed two “hate watch” organizations from the resources page of its website because of internal concerns with the organizations.In 2014, the FBI removed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) from the resources page of its civil rights division, telling The Daily Caller at the time that the removal was because the groups were not themselves government-run.

“Upon review, the Civil Rights program only provides links to resources within the federal government,” an FBI spokesman told The Daily Caller in 2014. “While we appreciate the tremendous support we receive from a variety of organizations, we have elected not to identify those groups on the civil rights page.”

According to emails dating back to March 2014 and obtained via a Freedom of Information Act Request by the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the FBI-Civil Rights Unit Section Chief stated that his removal decision was actually “[b]ased on a number of concerns,” a decision which he came to after he had “met with a variety of external and internal partners with the Civil Rights Unit.” … Read the full story by Jonah Bennett.

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