The Daily Caller: Trump’s Pick To Oversee Visa Worker Programs Found Border Security Measures ‘Troubling’

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December 9, 2016

By Alex Pfeiffer

Fast food executive Andy Puzder is reportedly Donald Trump’s choice to serve as secretary of labor. Puzder though has a history that indicates he wouldn’t act on immigration in accordance to Trump’s espoused views.

The CKE Restaurants CEO spoke at a 2013 AEI forum titled: “Essential workers? Less-skilled immigrants and the changing US economy.” At that event Puzder praised low-skilled immigrant labor. “Our Hardee’s restaurant operators in the midwest and the southeast often use the labor force in California as an example of what they would like their labor force to be.”

He later said at that event that no provisions in the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill, which Trump fervently attacked on the campaign trail, would hurt him as a CEO. Puzder did add that “as an American more than as a CEO” he found the border security measures in the immigration bill “troubling.” Puzder said that doubling the amount of border security officers would be “overkill.”

CKE Restaurant owns Hardee’s and Carl Jr’s among other fast food chains. The Wall Street Journal and CNN both reported Thursday that the long time Republican donor will be named as Trump’s labor secretary. … Read the full story by Alex Pfeiffer.

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