The Jewish Voice: The Disaster that is DeBlasio

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April 16, 2019

We don’t have to worry about any carbon induced threat of the Atlantic’s rising waters to destroy NYC. It’s being done right before our very eyes by its Mayor, Bill deBlasio. He permitted the giant employer, Amazon, to seek its headquarters elsewhere, he’s destroyed our elite high schools, he’s trafficking business out of midtown and now his previous declaration of the city being a sanctuary one for illegals might be the final nail in our coffin. President Trump is taking advantage of this situation and is considering transporting hordes of these illegals into the Big Apple to take a bite out of guess who? We, the little people.

DeBlasio asked for it. Back in 2014 Big Bill welcomed these invaders into our city by signing into law a plan to hand out ID cards to residents regardless of their immigration status. “We cannot accept a city where some of our residents are forced to live fearfully in the shadows,” he claimed then. Last year he sweetened the incentive for them to flock here by offering them free health care. “Health care for all!” he declared. Add to this idiocy the NY State legislature ruling just last week to give illegals free college educations. Let’s see if we’ve got this straight: If you are not a citizen and can’t vote, you’ve broken immigration law and you may have a criminal background, you stand head and shoulders above the rest of us who have plodded and worked for and may not be eligible for benefits that you suddenly come along and grab…free of charge. Read the full story at The Jewish Voice.

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