The Washington Post: Newly released letter shows growing battle between groups in immigration debate

IRLI In The News

May 8, 2017

By Maria Sacchetti

Immigration hardliners whose fortunes are rising under the Trump administration have released a confidential, year-old letter from the Department of Justice’s immigration courts that blasted left-leaning lawyers for targeting them with “derogatory name-calling” based on a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

At issue was the SPLC’s repeated claim that The Federation for American Immigration Reform is a “hate group” and its escalating efforts to prove that the organization, which favors stricter controls over legal and illegal immigration, is racist.

The immigration court’s letter — sent during the Obama administration — does not resolve that dispute. But the decision to release it illuminates the fight for credibility in the national immigration debate, with both sides emboldened after the election of President Trump. … Read the full story by Maria Sacchetti.

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