The Washington Times: Trump’s first victory in deportation feud is Iraq

IRLI In The News

March 8, 2017

By Stephen Dinan

Iraq earned its way out of President Trump’s “extreme vetting” doghouse in large part because it agreed to play ball on another of the president’s big goals: getting countries to take back their illegal immigrant criminals.

Six countries remain on Mr. Trump’s temporary travel ban list, but Iraq was not listed in the revised order Mr. Trump released Monday.

Officials said it was a reward for Iraq’s efforts to fight the Islamic State inside its own borders, as well as promises of better cooperation not only in sharing information about its citizens seeking to travel to the U.S. — the goal of Mr. Trump’s extreme vetting plans — but also in deportations.

“Iraq has agreed to the timely return and repatriation of its nationals who are subject to final orders of removal,” a Homeland Security official told reporters this week, explaining how Iraq worked its way off the banned list. “That is a very, very important provision.” … Read the full story by Stephen Dinan.

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