Townhall: As Biden Denies Border Crisis, Border Patrol Reveals Horrific Death Toll

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January 17, 2024

By Guy Benson

Just a few days ago, President Biden declined to call the historic disaster at the border a “crisis.”  That’s delusional, of course.  December witnessed the highest number of monthly border encounters in US history, as illegal crossings and known got-aways have surged past even last year’s record-shattering trajectory.  

Since Biden took office, approximately 10 million illegal crossings have been recorded, sowing chaos along the Southern boundary and — thanks to the state of Texas — within numerous sanctuary jurisdictions.  The American people are noticing.  The latest CBS News poll shows Biden 45 points upside-down on the issue.  His denialism is neither fooling anyone nor deflecting from his abject failures.  The crisis is undeniable, and it’s lethal:

Read the full story at Townhall.

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