Townhall: ICE Arrests Illegal Alien Previously Convicted for Child Molestation

IRLI In The News

November 4, 2017

By Timothy Meads

In a press release filed Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that they apprehended an individual illegally entering the United States across the southern border who had previously been convicted in the States for sexually assaulting a minor.

Border patrol agents at the Ajo station near Tuscon, Arizona apprehended the pervert sneaking into the country on Thursday. After running a background check, authorities discovered that 29 year-old Raul Cano-Garcia had been convicted in Fresno, California for having sex with a child under the age of 14. Cano-Garcia was sentenced to three years, but it is unclear if he ever actually served any jail time or was simply deported.

President Donald J. Trump received massive criticism for kicking off his 2016 presidential campaign with comments saying Mexico was sending “rapists” when illegal aliens entered the country. Cano-Garcia, however, is one of many illegal aliens from Mexico who have been convicted in American courts for some kind of sexual offense. … Read the full story by Timothy Meads.

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