Voz Media: Democratic cities are sanctuaries for criminals

IRLI In The News

December 8, 2023

By Veronica Silveri Pazos

Official data from The New York Police Department (NYPD) shows that robberies in the city have increased by 23.2% (compared to 2021); serious assaults have increased by 21%; grand thefts have skyrocketed by 30% and car thefts have increased by 54.6%. This is just some of the data that confirms the serious crisis of crime and delinquency that the residents of the so-called ‘sanctuary’ city are experiencing on a daily basis.

New Yorkers are looking for ways to protect themselves from criminals. For example, owners of warehouses and stores are purchasing weapons for self-defense. As revealed by The New York Post, the National Supermarket Association indicated that more than 25% of the city’s warehouse owners have purchased a gun this last year (compared to 10% in 2019).

Read the full story at Voz Media.

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