White House Extremism Is Bringing More Caravans to Our Border


May 13, 2022

By Dale Wilcox

As the Biden Administration prepares to end the Trump-era public health order under Title 42, a new caravan is moving north to take advantage of their incompetence.

A mass of foreign nationals coming from Guatemala is expected to reach the U.S. by the time the Title 42 order is terminated, which is scheduled to happen May 23. Title 42 of the United States Code is the section of federal law that addresses public health, social welfare, and civil rights.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told Fox News that it’s possible the larger caravan will be broken up into smaller caravans at the behest of organized crime and drug cartels.

“Organized crime or the cartels have them break up prior to arriving at our border due to the optics,” Judd said. “I can’t say whether this will happen with this particular caravan, but that has been the trend.”

This is the latest warning about the consequences that are likely to develop as the Biden White House goes forward with its plan to dismantle the last vestiges of sane border policy that remain.

In March of 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an order under Title 42 that allowed immigration agents to turn away more than half of all border-crossers, citing the danger of the potential spread of COVID-19 within the United States. Its imminent termination is set to turn the Biden border crisis into a full-blown catastrophe.

In fact, the anti-border zealots that make up the Biden Administration aren’t even waiting until next month to begin dismantling the Title 42 order. A White House memo sent to Border Patrol last month created broad and vague categories for new Title 42 exceptions.

Joe Biden has spent his presidency thus far dismantling common-sense border protections, and ending the Title 42 order will be the culmination of that effort.

“Factors weighing in favor of an exception,” the memo wrote, “include the following: a physical or mental illness, disability; pregnancy; lack of access to safe housing or shelter in Mexico (under 21 years old or younger or over 70, including families); and an indication that an individual has been threatened or harmed in Mexico.”

These exceptions will likely be used as a pretext to import more foreign nationals into the U.S. The Biden Administration is so adamant in its mission to flood the U.S. with illegal aliens that it is further gutting the Title 42 order just a month before they’re set to end it entirely.

Despite keeping the Title 42 order in place since taking office, the White House has been quietly removing essential parts of the order during that time period. The administration previously carved out exceptions for unaccompanied minors and families, and has mostly just been expelling single adults for the past year, when they enforce the order at all.

The Biden Administration also released tens of thousands of COVID-infected illegal aliens into the country, despite the order being put in place to protect the country from increased virus spread. For the past 15 months, the Biden White House has given Title 42 a death by a thousand cuts. This month, they are expected to deliver the final, fatal blow to this successful program. The consequences will be devastating.

The migrants coming as a part of the Guatemalan caravan will likely be joined by thousands of other illegal aliens around the time they arrive. As many as 18,000 illegal aliens are expected to begin crossing the border each day once the Title 42 order is ended, according to some estimates. The Biden Administration has no plan to stop this, as it comports with their anti-borders philosophy.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is continuing our fight to defend the interests of Americans and legal residents against this madness. In April, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of the state of Texas to stop the Biden Administration from ending the Title 42 order. A few days later, a federal judge signaled that he will prohibit the administration from ending the program. In March, we helped the state of Texas obtain an injunction against efforts by the Biden administration to gut the order.

The complete lack of a plan by the federal government to deal with the looming influx of illegal aliens has frustrated even some of Biden’s staunchest allies. Several Democrats in the U.S. Senate are co-sponsoring legislation to keep the Title 42 order in place, while some members of Biden’s party are reportedly lobbying the White House to keep the measure in place until after the election.

It’s unlikely that these efforts will bear much fruit, however. This administration is staffed with anti-borders ideologues who are committed to bringing an end to America’s borders and sovereignty. They are not going to change course now even as politically-vulnerable Democrats are begging them to do so.

Joe Biden has spent his presidency thus far dismantling common-sense border protections, and ending the Title 42 order will be the culmination of that effort. The incoming Guatemalan caravan will be one of many to arrive at our doorstep as we lose operational control of our borders.

Dale L. Wilcox is executive director and general counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.

Also published at: Dale L. Wilcox, White House Extremism Is Bringing More Caravans to Our BorderAmerican Thinker, May 13, 2022.

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