Yahoo! Finance: New NPG Forum Paper Explores the U.S. Immigration System After Title 42

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June 29, 2023

via PR Newswire

Following President Joe Biden’s executive orders that effectively eliminated immigration enforcement measures along the southern border, a new era of sustained mass migration has been rolling unimpeded across the American frontier. According to The Point of No Return, a Forum paper written by Mark Cromer and published by Negative Population Growth, Inc., this migratory wave has been funneled into a national network of NGOs, religious organizations, and other groups that facilitate their dispersal and settlement across the country.

Some analysts suggest that the actual number of migrants entering the U.S. is likely to be even more staggering than what is being officially reported. Cromer looks into the issue in-depth and reveals how a system ostensibly created to control immigration has been reconfigured – or corrupted – into one that facilitates a flood of humanity.

Read the full story at Yahoo! Finance.

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